(work in progress, Part 1 of my Degree Thesis)

I made three confusing objects, three force sensitive lamps for people to adopt for a week. Pressure applied on the top panel will be read and mapped into corresponding amount of light. The lamps are creaturely responsive, with satisfying dimming animation.

As part of my undergraduate thesis, the lamps are intended to study people’s adaptability to ambiguous or even flawed systems and objects. It is important to notice that, many existing designs and systems are not optimized for human use. They did not disappear for that reason, quite on the contrary, many happened to disseminate widely and had gained cultural importance over time.

As emotional and irrational human beings instead of machines of perfection, it is very reasonable for us to prefer systems that are 'just like us'. We have too many systems, products, architectures designed to help us to act like efficient machines, but not many of them are able to leave an impression on our emotion.

The lamps cope with the dilemma between functionality and purpose. While being totally functional, they have no clear purpose. Lack of the utilitarian criterion, the process of adaptation is doomed to follow a illogical/ irrational path. But this is where I believe the value of it lies. It is unexpectable,capricious, sometimes smart sometimes silly. it learns and evolves, just like us. They made us both less and more than machines.

Currently the lamps are on Craigslist for adoption, If you are near providence and would like to have fun with them, please shoot me a email!!!


Posters for adoption :)

Process pics

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