How to Get the Best Out of Your Portable Toilet?

It is a delightful experience to spend time in nature, enjoying the gift of fresh clean air and peaceful surroundings. What is to be the experience on a camping trip? Shall we sit around the camp fire, tell stories, make fun of each other, eat well. Basically, what do you get yourself into?

Having a shower along with you is a nice treat as you get that much needed fresh air, and it happens to be one of the best ways to get it. You can grab the shower tent and fill it up with water, hang it up and let nature do it’s job.

Considerations to Buy Pop up Toilet Tent

Pop up shower tent is easy to fold up.

But still, when you decide to invest in a shower tent, there are several things you need to bear in mind before you buy one.

How many people will use the toilet?

Generally, the number of people who will use the toilet is the main factor that carries the weight of the toilet.

You will need to consider how many people will need to use the toilet, as well as the amount of waste water you will generate. Waste water will need to go through a cleaning process, meaning that it will need to be hidden away until you can properly dispose of it.

The amount of water that you generate will also need to be considered. You will need to calculate the flows, the amount of tanker cars and the number of vehicles that will be using the toilet.

This will give you a good idea of how much water you will need to bring with you.

There are some great solar shower systems that fold up to car lengths, which store the water in tanks when they are not in use. Getting water for your shower and walking to the toilet is so worth it.

Getting Closer To Nature

To many people, a camping trip is all about getting back to nature. Campsites are fairly basic in this regard: you have a concrete floor area, a concrete toilet area with chemicals. If you like to take your own camping toilet, then you have to carry your own chemical toilet.

Nylon toilets are becoming increasingly popular because they are strong and their design is attracting a lot of attention. They are capable of holding a lot of waste, including the ash from your cooking stove.

The biggest advantage of using a nylon toilet is that they are extremely compact, meaning that you will be able to take them anywhere.

The ash mess from your fire mountain still needs to be dealt with. The cheapest option is to simply dig a hole in the ground. The size of the hole needs to be dependent on the size of the pit that you will be using. The least amount of digging will mean that there is less to unearth.

If you are feeling particularly brave, you can make your own ” portable toilet trench”. This can then be wrapped in aluminium foil to prevent insects falling into it. If that doesn’t work, simply dig a ditch around the hole.

Once you have used your portable toilet it should be able to be refilled. The newest designs have a simple refueling hose that is attached before your comfort toilet.

Getting The Best Out Of Your Portable Toilets

There is no reason to explain why your portable toilet is so much more hygienic than the rest. There are plenty of posts on the internet that offer reviews on these toilets.

Your portable toilet will be of good quality if you buy the right brand. There is no point in buying a cheap toilet tent after using it on several camping trips.

The worst thing is to arrive at a campsite and find that the warm water is not working. This is worth spending the extra money on a cold water portable toilet.…

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